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Title: Rye Pottery Trug

Reference: 01058

Description: A large Trug from Rye Pottery, showing great attention to detail. Pottery has been produced in Rye since mediaeval times, but what is now known as Rye Pottery was started at Cadborough near the end of the eighteenth century. Cadborough established the ?Hopware? design that is now recognized as traditional for Rye Pottery. In the second half of the nineteenth century the Bellevue Pottery opened in Rye, and by 1890 the Cadborough Pottery was swallowed by the thriving Bellvue Pottery. Bellvue was run by Frederick Mitchell until his death in 1875 and by his wife, Caroline, until Frederick Thomas Mitchell, their newphew, took over in the last decade of the nineteenth century. Incised mark to base.

Dimensions: L: 21cm (8.25") W: 15cm (6")

Price: £330


Title: Martin Brothers Dish

Reference: 01068

Description: A unique Martin Brothers Art Pottery dish by Robert Wallace Martin, with carved, etched and impressed decoration. The Martin Brothers pottery was founded by the eldest of the group, Robert Wallace Martin (1843-1923), who had trained in sculpture at Lambeth School of Art and later at the Royal Academy of Art. He set up his first workshop in the late 1860's, making terracotta sculpture. In 1873, he set up a new pottery with his brothers, Charles, Walter and Edwin Martin in Fulham. In 1877 they moved to Southall, where they made salt-glazed stoneware with Gothic Revival influences. The Martin Brothers became famous for their eccentric, grotesquely modeled 'Wally Birds', wheel-thrown and sculpted face jugs, vases. The company closed in 1915. Incised mark to base. c.1873-1874

Dimensions: D: 10cm (4")

Price: SOLD


Title: Martin Brothers Art Pottery Stoneware Vase

Reference: 00323

Description: A rare c.1874 Robert Wallace Martin Stoneware Art Pottery vase with carved, etched and impressed decoration. Inscribed to base R W Martin Fulham.

Dimensions: H:9cm (3.5") W:8cm (3.2")

Price: SOLD

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