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Title: Poole Pottery Delphis Vase

Reference: 01264

Description: A Poole Pottery Delphis vase. Carter, Stabler and Adams was founded in 1921, eventually becoming Poole Pottery. In the early 1960s the Delphis range was introduced. This featured bold, colourful designs on new shapes created by Robert Jefferson and Tony Morris. The Delphis range proved popular and in keeping with the spirit of the times. In 1971 the colour palette was changed to a set of standard colours Green, Orange, Red and Yellow and it remained in production, with many variations, until the mid-1970s. Decorated by Cynthia Bennett. Marked to base. c. 1971-77

Dimensions: H: 15cm (6") D: 8cm (3")

Price: £60


Title: Poole Pottery Wall Plaque

Reference: 01249

Description: A Poole Pottery Wall Plaque, in the shape of a dagger, designed by Robert Jefferson. From 1958-69 Robert Jefferson was designer for Poole Pottery, he designed a series of wall plaques & trays with moulded, raised line decoration, initially as a studio line . Founded in the 1870s Poole Pottery originally manufactured tiles and architectural and garden ceramics before turning to domestic and ornamental wares. It developed a very distinctive style with freeform shapes that were characterised by the use of strong clear colour and contemporary styling. Printed Mark to base. c. 1959-67

Dimensions: L: 31cm (12") W: 5cm (2")

Price: £95


Title: Royal Copenhagen Bear Cub by Knud Khyn

Reference: 00940

Description: Stoneware bear cub for Royal Copenhagen designed by Knud Kyhn. There are three of these bear cubs available, one standing and two reclining, finished in a matte brown glaze. The Artist Knud Kyhn, (1880-1969) designed Polar bears, Brown bears and a very large number of stoneware and porcelain figurines. He designed for Royal Copenhagen from 1903 until 1967 with the periods 1908 - 1915 and 1933 - 1935 being spent with Bing & Grondahl. All bears have the Royal Copenhagen printed marks. c. 1930's/40's.

Dimensions: H: 6cm (2.75") approx.

Price: £55 each


Title: Rye Pottery Jug by Dennis Townsend

Reference: 01488

Description: A 1950's Rye Pottery Jug, in the Wheat pattern, by Jim Elliot. Pottery has been produced in Rye since mediaeval times, but what is now known as Rye Pottery was started at Cadborough in the late 1700's. Cadborough established the "Hopware" design that is now recognized as traditional for Rye pottery. In the 1860's Bellevue Pottery opened in Rye, and by 1890 Cadborough had been swallowed by the thriving Bellvue Pottery. After the war the premises were bought by two brothers Wally and Jack Cole, who renamed it Rye Pottery. They moved away from the traditional designs and produced high quality majolica in the styles of the 50's. The wheat pattern was so named in the late 1950's when the design was produced in the now familiar yellow and green colours, it had initially been introduced in the late 1940's in a variety of colours. Rye Pottery and Jim Elliot's impressed mark to base.

Dimensions: H: 18cm (7")

Price: SOLD


Title: Ashtead Pottery 'Girl with Posy'

Reference: 00246

Description: A delightful Ashtead Pottery model 'Girl with Posy' (M30) modelled by Phoebe Stabler. Ashtead Pottery was in business for just 12 years, 1923 to 1935. It was set up with the aim of providing employment for disabled ex-servicemen, producing a vast array of wares, designed by leading artists of the day, including Phoebe Stabler (Poole Pottery). Stamped mark to base.

Dimensions: H: 18cm

Price: SOLD


Title: Rye Textured Bowl by Pam Goddard

Reference: 00459

Description: A unique green Rye Pottery textured bowl by Pam Goddard. This type of decoration was developed by Rye Pottery in the mid 1950's. c. 1957-71. Rye Pottery stamp and Pam Goddard's impressed mark to base

Dimensions: 20cm (8") diameter

Price: £48


Title: Royal Copenhagen Crackle Glaze Vase

Reference: 00311

Description: A stylish 1960's Royal Copenhagen Crackle Glazed vase. With an orange glazed exterior, gray glazed interier and banded in gold.

Dimensions: H: 11cm (4.5")

Price: £48

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