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Bedouin Wooden Coffee Grinder - Mihbaj


Reference: 03102

Description: This interesting item is a Bedouin Metal-Mounted Carved Wood Mihbaj -Coffee Bean Grinder, from Syria, with a solid wood base carved with geometric designs. It dates from the Early to Mid-20th Century with a great patina, developed over time and use A Mihbaj is a traditional Bedouin implement, made of a decorative wooden base (mortar) with a long pestle, which serves as a coffee grinder and as a percussion instrument, one of the few instruments used in Bedouin music. The music is made by hitting the sides of the Mihbaj with the pestle, this is then an invitation for neighbours to join you for coffee. The Mihbaj is regarded as a symbol of affluence, status and hospitality.

Dimensions: 24cm(9.5") x 20cm(8") Pestle 64cm (25")

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