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Konakovo Faience Figurine


Reference: 03173

Description: A rare porcelain figurine from the Konakovo (or Konakova Konakovskaya) Faience Plant in the town of Kuznetsovo in the Konakovo Tver region of Russia. Titled "Girl sitting holding her head scarf" c.mid 20th century Printed marks to base. The Cyrillic letters "ЗиК" translates from the Russian as "Zik" or "Zeke".

Dimensions: H: 24cm (9.5")

Additional Information: The Konakovo (or Konakova Konakovskaya ) Faience factory was founded in 1809 in the village of Domkino of Korchevskiy district of Tver province by pharmacist F.H. Brinner. On the 9th of June, 1810, it was sold to A.Y. Auerbach. In 1829 it is moved to the village of Kuznetsovo of the same district. In 1870 it was acquired by M.S. Kuznetsov. In 1918 it was nationalized. In the 1920s rising of production began. In 1924 the factory was renamed into the Tver Porcelain and Faience Factory named after M.I. Kalinin in Kuznetsovo. In 1931 it was called Konakovskaya Faience Factory named after M.I. Kalinin in Kalinin district, and since 1937 - Konakovskiy Faience factory named after M.I. Kalinin. In 1934 the laboratory was organized at the factory. During World War II the factory did not work. At present it is called Konakovskiy Faience factory.

Price: £225

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