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Title: Winchombe Pottery handled, lidded egg coddler

Reference: 03185

Description: A Winchcombe studio pottery, handled, lidded, slipware egg coddler. Green and brown glaze, so typical of Winchcombe Pottery. The Winchcombe Pottery dates back to 1926, although there previously had been potteries on the same site. It was started by Michael Cardew when he left St Ives, having been a student, a potter and a friend to Bernard Leach. Cardew was joined by Elijah Comfort, Sidney Tustin, and later, Sidney's brother, Charlie. In 1939 Ray Finch took over the management and after the war bought it from Michael Cardew.

Dimensions: H: 9cm (3.5") Diam: 10cm (4")

Price: £35


Title: Pottery Figurine of Winston Churchill

Reference: 03184

Description: A pottery model of Winston Churchill. This model was made by St Josephs High School, Chingleput, India. The sale of these models was to raise money for His Excellency the Governor's 'Amenities for Troops Fund. The original label is still on the base of the model. c. 1940's.

Dimensions: 19cm (7.5")

Price: £28


Title: Pottery Skillet by Ernest Collyer

Reference: 03176

Description: A studio pottery skillet, with ribbed design, by Ernest Collyer. Ernest Collyer and his wife Pamela Nash were known for their daring and diverse pottery. They both began making pottery in 1950's in Stanmore, Middlesex then moved to Hampstead London before finally settling in Winchelsea in 1976.

Dimensions: Diam:15cm (6")

Price: £10


Title: Tremar Pottery People

Reference: 03171

Description: Fun pieces of studio pottery. Tremar Pottery people produced in the 1970's. A Yodel(Cider Drinker), Sailor and Soldier. Impressed mark to base

Dimensions: H: 12cm (5")

Price: £10 each


Title: David Leach Lowerdown Pottery Jar

Reference: 03170

Description: A stunning piece of studio pottery by David Leach (1911 - 2005) at Lowerdown Pottery. The Jar has a bamboo handle and would originally have had a a lid, however the lack of a lid does not detract from the pottery and the unique wave decoration. Impressed mark on base.

Dimensions: H: 15cm (6")

Price: £90


Title: Studio Pottery Muffin Dish

Reference: 03169

Description: A studio pottery stoneware muffin dish. Oatmeal speckled glaze with coloured circle and stripe decoration. Impressed mark to base.

Dimensions: Base Diam: 18cm (7.25") H: 10cm (4")

Price: £16


Title: Ernest Collyer Pottery Confectionery

Reference: 03168

Description: Studio pottery and ceramic confectionery by Ernest Collyer. Ernest Collyer and his wife Pamela Nash were known for their daring and diverse pottery, including a variety of food items. These pieces include a mince pie, jam tart, hovis loaf and a hot cross bun. The hot cross bun and hovis loaf are actually small lidded dishes.


Price: SOLD


Title: Studio Pottery Dish with Industrial Design

Reference: 03166

Description: A studio pottery dish with an industrial design. Stamped 'Hand Made in England' and signed 'Motley'.

Dimensions: D:15cm (6")

Price: £15


Title: Aylesford Pottery Goblet

Reference: 03159

Description: A Aylesford stoneware fluted studio pottery goblet. In 1954 David Leach set up the Aylesford Priory Pottery for the Friars. He stayed for a year, teaching pottery to the monks, and then handed over managership to Colin Pearson. Impressed mark to base.

Dimensions: H: 14cm (5.5")

Price: £14


Title: Rare Norman Underhill Figurine

Reference: 03158

Description: A rare handmade studio pottery figurine by the renowned potter Norman Underhill (1933-1998). This figurine depicts a woman, in a long dress, sitting on a brick wall with her loyal dog at her feet. The majority of his figurines depict males and male professions so very rare to find a figurine of a woman. Norman Underhill ran a successful vehicle repair shop, and was first inspired to make figurines in his spare time by coal miners from the Mendips pits. He initially modelled the figurines with just a coffee spoon and a knife, using clay hand-dug from a local river, and a home-made kiln, however following the success of his figures he decided to invest £5 in a second-hand professionally made model but continued to model using just a coffee spoon and a knife. Painted mark on base

Dimensions: H: 16cm (6.5")

Price: £95

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