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Title: Norman Underhill 'Fisherman' Figurine

Reference: 03157

Description: A handmade studio pottery figurine of a fisherman by the potter Norman Underhill. Norman Underhill (1933-1998) ran a successful vehicle repair shop, and was first inspired to make figurines in his spare time by coal miners from the Mendips pits. He initially modelled the figurines with just a coffee spoon and a knife, using clay hand-dug from a local river, and a home-made kiln, however following the success of his figures he decided to invest £5 in a second-hand professionally made model but continued to model using just a coffee spoon and a knife. By the early 1970s the earnings from his pottery figures were exceeding those from the vehicle repair service. Printer mark to underside of foot.

Dimensions: H: 10cm (4")

Price: £35


Title: Studio Pottery Dish by Gordon Whittle

Reference: 03151

Description: A stunning studio pottery dish by Gordon Whittle enhanced with the phrase 'Apple Pie without any cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze'. Gordon Whittle creates beautiful ceramics from his studio in Wiltshire.and produces a wide range of individual pots and commemorative pottery. His quirky touches make each piece individual and turns kitchenware into a real pieces of art. They have elegant calligraphy and personally developed glazes, especially a type of crystalline �chou� for which he is particularly renowned.

Dimensions: Diam 24cm (9.5")

Price: £72


Title: Wilfrid Norton Studio Pottery Bowl

Reference: 03148

Description: An interesting large, bowl by the potter Wilfrid Norton. Gray glaze, with incised decoration. Wilfred Norton (1880-1973) was born in Shropshire. He was apprenticed with the Coalport Company at the age of 13 and subsequently became one of their designers. As a potter be was highly rated by Bernard Leach. His figurative works usually depicted classical, mythological or semi-religious subjects. All his pieces were unique and were often titled and monogrammed. Another characteristic of his work was the use of matt glazes in muted colours. Incised mark to base. There is a crack on the base of this bowl(see image) which is likely to be a firing crack.

Dimensions: Diam 24cm (9.5")

Price: SOLD


Title: Vase by C D Nowell at Disley

Reference: 03147

Description: A stunning piece of post war Studio Pottery by C D Nowell using interesting streaked glaze techniques. A very tactile piece of Studio Pottery. C D Nowell was based in Disley, Cheshire from 1946-51 and then at Prestbury from 1951-59. Incised mark to base. c.1946-51


Price: £38


Title: Blue Slipware Studio Pottery Dish

Reference: 03139

Description: A colourful blue studio pottery dish, with vibrant slipware design. Hand built. Signature to base of dish.

Dimensions: 31cm x 31cm (12" x 12")

Price: £25


Title: Studio Pottery 19th C Slipware Serving Dish

Reference: 03134

Description: A traditional slipware country pottery serving dish. Brown glaze, with cream feather like slip pattern. c. 19th Century

Dimensions: 30 x 24 x 7cm (12 x 9.5 x3")

Price: £50


Title: Studio Pottery Vase by Norah Braden

Reference: 03103

Description: A stunning studio pottery balluster shaped vase by Norah Braden, oatmeal glaze with brushstroke pattern. Nora Braden (1901-2001) was one of the pioneer British women potters, she studied at the Central School of Arts and Crafts 1919-1921 and then went on to the Royal College of Art where she was recognised as a gifted student. Her pots have been exhibited widely, and some were acquired for national collections in the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Fitzwilliam Museum, York City Art Gallery and Kettles Yard, Cambridge.

Dimensions: H: 19cm (7.5" ) W: 18cm (7")

Price: SOLD


Title: Chelsea Pottery Barrister

Reference: 03100

Description: A Chelsea Pottery model of a Barrister. Chelsea Pottery (1952-1997) was opened in 1952 by David Rawnsley and his wife Mary, in Radnor Walk, SW3. It was styled as an 'open studio' - a place where any potter could come to work and learn. In 1959 the Rawnsleys left London leaving the pottery in the hands of Brian Hubbard who went on to run Chelsea for nearly forty years with the help of Joyce Morgan, modeller Frank Spindler, Barbara Ross, Daphne Corke and a large number of decorators, trained in-house, who lasted for various lengths of time. The pottery is best known for its highly decorated earthenware, the colour of the pieces being achieved by the use of painting and coloured glazes. Typically the domestic wares are decorated with flowers, cats, dogs, owls, faces etc but they also produced animal money boxes, golfers, judges and fishermen ranges.

Dimensions: 15cm (6") high

Price: £48


Title: Russel Sydenham Salt Glazed Pottery Candle Holder

Reference: 01762

Description: A Salt Glazed studio pottery candle Holder by Russel Sydenham. Russel Sydenham was born in Poole, Dorset. In 1968 he began an apprenticeship at Poole Pottery and after this worked with Jones the Potter in South Wales for two years. During the 1970s� he worked with his Father, Guy Sydenham on Green Island in Poole harbour where they made salt glazed pottery. In 1986 he set up a Studio at New Barn near Dorchester, Dorset. Since then he has established Barton Cottage Pottery ,where he is now based. Impressed Mark to base. c. 1970's

Dimensions: H: 6cm (2.25") D: 12cm (4.5")

Price: £26


Title: Studio Pottery Vase by Roy Fritchley

Reference: 01263

Description: A studio pottery vase, with cut sided neck, by Roy Fritchley. Roy Fritchly specialises in Raku. Previously based in Rye, East Sussex, he now lives and pots in the Charente, France. This vase was potted when Roy was based in Rye. Incised mark to base.

Dimensions: H: 28cm (11") D: 14cm (5.5") (at widest point)

Price: £38

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