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Title: Phil Rogers Stoneware Vase

Reference: 00816

Description: A large, stunning studio pottery vase by Phil Rogers, with sgraffito decoration of a stylised oriental tree in a warm coloured ash glaze. Phil Rogers was born in South Wales in 1951 and taught art and ceramics in England before returning to Wales in 1977 to open his own pottery. He specializes in salt glaze and reduced stoneware and has travelled widely lecturing and giving workshops as well as writing a number of books on ceramics. His work is exhibited at many public collections, both in the UK and abroad, including the Victoria and Albert Museum and the National Museum of Wales. Impressed potters mark.

Dimensions: H: 27.5cm (11") D: 14.5cm (6")

Price: £285


Title: Simon Rich Vase

Reference: 00366

Description: A Simon Rich studio pottery vase. Simon Rich Simon Rich has worked from his Narberth Pottery in Pembrokeshire, south-west Wales since 1972. He trained at Aldermaston with Alan Caiger-Smith from 1965 to 1969. Simon has worked in stoneware and now specializes in porcelain with a variety of glazes and techniques, notably crystalline, terra sigilata and raku.

Dimensions: H: 10cm (4")

Price: £24


Title: Michael Cardew Lidded Bowl

Reference: 00782

Description: A Michael Cardew Lidded studio pottery bowl for Wenford Bridge Pottery, bowl and lid decorated in a brown glaze with fish decoration. MICHAEL CARDEW (1901-1983) was taught to throw pots by William Fishley Holland at Braunton, North Devon. Coming to the Leach Pottery in 1923 as its first student, he shared an interest in slipware with Bernard Leach and was greatly influenced by the pots of Shoji Hamada. After 3 years he left to re-found the derelict pottery at Winchcombe, Gloucestershire. At Winchcombe Pottery he was joined by Elijah Comfort, Sidney Tustin, and later by Charlie Tustin and Ray Finch. Cardew's ambition was to make pottery in the seventeenth century English slipware tradition, functional and affordable by ordinary people. In 1939 he left Winchcombe Pottery in the capable hands of Ray Finch, later selling the business to him in 1945, and set up a new pottery at Wenford Bridge. He also worked in Ghana in West Africa as an instructor, established and ran a pottery and training centre at Abuja and set up a pottery at Vuma on the Volta river. Cardew taught many potters who were later to achieve success in their own right, including Svend Bayer, Miranda Thomas, Mark Hewitt and Rupert Spira. Impressed Michael Cardew and Wenford Bridge marks.

Dimensions: H: 14cm (5.5") D: 20cm (8")

Price: SOLD


Title: Tessa Fuchs Earthenware Sculpture

Reference: 00640

Description: An unusual Earthenware Sculpture of Three Rock Forms by Tessa Fuchs. Tessa Fuchs was born in Cheshire and trained at Salford Technical Art School and the Central School of Arts and Crafts, London. She set up her studio in London making sculptural pieces and some domestic ware using colourful matt glazes. Her work is inspired by her interest in animals, plants, gardening, trees, landscape and painting as shown by this sculpture.

Dimensions: Largest piece 18cm (7") high

Price: £215


Title: Lowerdown Pottery Marmalade Pot

Reference: 00372

Description: A delightful Lowerdown studio pottery stoneware Marmalade Pot, with brush drawn decoration. This decoration, so typical of David Leach shows a clear homage to Japanese styles. David Leach (1911 - 2005), the eldest son of Bernard Leach, set up Lowerdown Pottery in Bovey Tracey, South Devon, in 1955 after handing over the running of Aylesford Pottery to Colin Pearson, and remained there until his death in February, 2005. Impressed Lowerdown seal.

Dimensions: H: 9cm (3.5") W: 9cm (3.5")

Price: £45


Title: William Marshall Studio Pottery Bottle Vase

Reference: 00426

Description: A William Marshall studio pottery bottle vase of mottled olive green glaze with applied brown decoration. Impressed mark to base.

Dimensions: H: 22.5cm (9")

Price: SOLD


Title: Phil Rogers Salt Glazed Vase

Reference: 00115

Description: A cut sided studio pottery salt glazed vase by Phil Rogers. Potters and date seal '89' to side.

Dimensions: H: 30cm (12")

Price: £310


Title: Lucie Rie & Hans Coper Stoneware Boat & Saucer

Reference: 00377

Description: A very elegant Dame Lucie Rie and Hans Coper studio pottery Stoneware Boat and Saucer. Off white glaze with iron brown fleck on rim. Both boat and saucer have Dame Lucie Rie and Hans Coper impressed seals on base.

Dimensions: Saucer 16cm (6") diameter. Boat 8cm (3") high

Price: SOLD


Title: Bernard Leach St. Ives Stoneware Vase

Reference: 00091

Description: A Unique studio pottery Bernard Leach stoneware ovoid vase, with short neck. Mottle black glaze with three streaks in white, stopping short of the base. Impressed BL and St Ives marks.

Dimensions: 22 cm(8.75") high 15cm(6") at widest point

Price: SOLD

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